Thoughts lately...

  1. Wine and Flowers with Soleil Ignacio and the Women of Saglit by Flower Ranch Cafe

    Somewhere in the middle of the haywire and textures of Poblacion, Makati exists a warmly lit mom-and-pop shop called Saglit, a second offspring of ...
  2. Kris Abrigo Talks Shop

    Meet Kris!

    No, he's not a winemaker. We're doing something a little different this time and we'd like for you to meet our lovely friend as we wind down together to chat and share our newly arrived wines from Marto Wines.

    Here we have Kris looking like he has a little too much in his glass, and to combat this not-much-of-a-problem problem he must've thought to himself 'this wine should be shared' and he is not wrong. Stream of consciousness plumes up to fill a glass and pours down on you a generous share of Manna. It's nice this way and as the saying goes, sharing is caring and many thanks for sharing, Kris!