BYOB: Bombu Chicken & Marto Manna

by Some Love Team

Bring Your Own Bottle! And find out what hidden pairings await your treasured bottle of wine.

In an attempt to try new things and find interesting foods to pair with wine, we found ourselves having dinner at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant situated in a niche area in the South. What we discovered felt like a secret spot that we had no intentions of gatekeeping because you deserve to have a taste of it.

This tiny, unassuming restaurant in one of the commercial pockets in Saudi Street, Better Living is pretty much the epitome of a hidden gem, especially to outsiders. With its bright yellow signage, colorful string lights, and neon plastic chairs, it seems like a very happy establishment. Inside, you're met with young faces of the men running this small kitchen, manning their battle station. It's quite impressive how such a space can look enough for a proper kitchen service.

The dining tables are covered with an overlay of doodles drawn on with a permanent marker, on one side of a corner there is a wall with notes left from customers. It reminds us of places we'd eat out after class during high school. It's not a serious establishment, but when we finally started digging in, we sure didn't talk much other than saying multiple times how much we love life. There’s not much in life that can compete with something as easy as it is fulfilling —having a good meal in good company. 

Their signature dish, Ayam Goreng aka Indonesian Fried Chicken belongs in the hall of fame of Fried Chicken. Every other dish on the menu, delivered the same level of excellence. Every plate was bursting with flavor and yet very well-balanced. It took us one dining experience to seal the deal and pass this message to every food-loving reader. With our stomachs full and hearts overflowing we end with what was a great day with smiles and spicy burps all the way home.

To complement this Indo-Malay dinner, the team decided to bring a red-white blend, or a rosé if you will. The tropical fruit and red berry notes, as well as the umami from Marto Manna perfectly complemented the sweetness and umami of Indonesian cuisine. 


đŸ”„ Hot Tips:

  • The restaurant can only comfortably sit 10 people, so go slightly earlier than lunch or dinner service.
  • Stay ouside while the food is being cooked inside to keep your eyes and nose clear from the spicy smoke of chicken frying

đŸœïž What we ordered:

Ayam Goreng (Indonesian Fried Chicken), Chicken Satay, Mie Tektek Goreng, Crab Fried Rice, Gadogado (Side Salad of Peanut Noodles)

đŸŸ No Corkage Fee!

📍Bombu Chicken, 10 Saudi St., Parañaque ( @bombuchicken ) 

⏰ Open Monday - Sunday: 6:00 am - 2:00 am


ï»żWritten by Malja Steffi Lee and Sherlaine Yap

Photography by Arabella Paner