• 2022 'Barbabolla' Garganega Pet Nat
  • 2022 'Barbabolla' Garganega Pet Nat


2022 'Barbabolla' Garganega Pet Nat

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Overflowing with mouthwatering acidity, generous body and fizziness, and incredible ‘natty’ aromas, this Petillant Naturel is a quintessential natural wine that is balanced yet brimming with life! 

One look at this hazy yellow wine with its aggressive soda-like bubbles and sediments floating about would tell you that you are in for a classic wild natty ride. The floral and citrus notes contrasted by animalistic earthy aromas bring us back in time to the ambient smell of our favorite natural wine bars. Then the wine wakes us back up with super refreshing tartness, aggressive soda-like bubbles, and a rich and textural mouthfeel.11% abv.

Reminds us of Lemon. Orange skins. Wet stones. Earth. Floral. Spice. Hay.

Serve and Pair: Well-chilled for a laid-back drinking experience. Great with fresh and vibrant dishes. Go wild with chicharon, fried calamari, chips, or cheesy nachos.







Style: Fizzy White

Region: Veneto, Italy

Viticulture: Certified Biodynamic. The 'Barbaboyz', Marco and his two close friends, lovingly tend to very old vines of light-skinned Garganega grapes and mixed indigenous varietals through biodynamic principles of no chemicals, mechanization, or irrigation, and caring for symbiotic plants and animals. 

Winemaking: Wine based on indigenous fermentation, unfiltered and without the addition of sulfur dioxide; re-fermentation in the bottle with juice from dried grapes, not degourged.

Marco Barba began his wine journey through animal husbandry and biodynamic learnings in the northern reaches of the great winemaking region of Jura, France. He was called back to his hometown in Italy by Giovanni Menti, a friend and a pioneer in biodynamic wine, to tend to very old vineyards left behind by widows from the war.

The 'Barbaboyz', Marco and his two close friends, have taken it upon themselves to lovingly care for the health of the vines without chemicals, mechanized handling, or forced irrigation, and in true biodynamic fashion to care for the symbiotic plants and animals. Their philosophy is that when nature is loved, truly and not fattened for slaughter, then nature will provide fruit with character and authenticity that people have earned the privilege of enjoying.

Caring for the bees in neighboring vineyards, Marco has said something that we think speaks of his philosophy and passion:

'I do not care if there will be honey left for me, my family, or my friends; The most important thing is that the bees are okay and they have enough nourishment to take on the winter, and then if some honey is left over, we will have the privilege of enjoying it.'

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