• Brand NV Flora Pur
  • Brand NV Flora Pur

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Brand NV Flora Pur

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This perfumed red wine made from 100% German Dornfelder grapes is heaven scent-- sent! Aromatic, dry and crunchy with a soft bite of light tannins to lift up your senses and embrace you in lush red and black fruits and subtle spice. Fresh with a dash of minerality, this wine has depth that takes you further in, like plucking out petals to reach its softest core only to reveal an added layer of smokey tobacco and subtle meaty savoriness. This wine feels surprisingly light despite it's inky characteristic. Romantic, refreshing and very elegant, this non-vintage (a blend of wines from different years) is probably one of the best in the game of Dornfelders so add this to your list of apportionable must-try's. 

Love the label art? The Brand Bros' very own grandmother, Oma Helga made the illustrations. Daniel and Jonas' grandfather used to farm the fields with his trusty workhorse named Flora.

10% abv

Reminds us of: Rose Water, Tobacco, Cherry, Plum, Jerky

Quality Time: Serve lightly chilled. Enjoy some down time shared with friends on a comfy couch with some fermented fries or marinated olives. For something heartier, try this with a Lamb Rage or Steak.




Varietal: Dornfelder

Style: Red

Region: Bockenheim, Pfalz, Germany

Viticulture: Trellis-system, organic viticulture. Manually harvested.

Winemaking: 60% 6 weeks of mash fermentation, 40% Maceration Carbonique. Wild yeasts, aged in old wooden barrels. No added sulfites

 Jonas Brand and Daniel Brand are the Brand Brothers, 5th generation winemakers making natural wine in Bockenheim, the cool northernmost area of Pfalz, Germany. Having been in the Brand family since 1891, the family vineyard was taken over by the Brand Bros in 2012 and converted with full organic certification in 2018. They focus on regenerative, nature-healing practices in the vineyard. Each wine is naturally fermented with wild yeasts for a long time, and bottled without any filtration or additives including any added sulfites. The illustrations on the labels are all made by their grandmother, Oma Helga, an ode to life in their village. And the wines inside are fresh and full of life.

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