• 2022 Brand Red
  • 2022 Brand Red

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2022 Brand Red

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Brand Red is the super refreshing chilled red wine for the sunny days of 2024. Made from Pinot Noir, Dornfelder, and Cabernet Franc, this wine is beautifully fresh, slightly effervescent, earthy, and fruit-forward. This could easily be enjoyed on its own in the afternoon but also finds great company alongside earthy stews like gumbo or doenjang jjigae. 

On the nose, you get red berries, forest smells, and a floral funk. On the palate, it starts out tart then mellows out. The taste very much reminds us of cherry airheads with a side of earth. We recommend drinking this lightly chilled, though it evolves nicely as it warms up a bit. 

10% abv

Reminds us of: Petrichor, Cherry Airheads, Stargazer Lilies, Cranberry Juice

Quality Time: Best served slightly chilled, with fun-loving friends, on a bright sunny day. Drink on its own or pair with homey, comfort food like stews and soups.



Bright and Vibrant

Forest Flowers
Cranberry Soda 

Varietal: Pinot Noir (40%), Dornfelder (30%), Cab. Franc (25%), X(5%)

Style: Red

Region: Bockenheim, Pfalz, Germany

Viticulture: Trellis-system, organic viticulture, 50-year-old vines. Manually Harvested.

Winemaking: Maceration Carbonique 10-14 days in wooden barrels (500l and partly in stainless steel. (Pinot Noir). Wild yeasts, fermented in stainless-steel tanks. No added sulfites. Unfiltered.

Jonas Brand and Daniel Brand are the Brand Brothers, 5th generation winemakers making natural wine in Bockenheim, the cool northernmost area of Pfalz, Germany. Having been in the Brand family since 1891, the family vineyard was taken over by the Brand Bros in 2012 and converted with full organic certification in 2018. They focus on regenerative, nature-healing practices in the vineyard. Each wine is naturally fermented with wild yeasts for a long time, and bottled without any filtration or additives including any added sulfites. The illustrations on the labels are all made by their grandmother, Oma Helga, an ode to life in their village. And the wines inside are fresh and full of life.

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