• Marto Manna 2021
  • Marto Manna 2021

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Marto Manna 2021

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Manna is the life-giving energy source. Herby with a clean funk, this expressive red-white blend makes for a beautiful communion of fragrant and aromatic grapes as well as grapes that yield a light and easy-to-drink wine with an acidity that shines through brightly like a blessing. To pick up a glass of this for a whiff is like plunging your nose into a fragrant stargazer lily with hints of ripe mango and guava. Extremely chuggable and light but big with personality. Bring this to a gathering and you are a godsend!


Reminds us of: Tarragon, Guava, Four Seasons Juice, Tequila Sunrise

Quality Time: Serve chilled. This blend with its light-body and bright acidity will contrast well with something gooey and cheesy like a classic mac and cheese topped with toasted panko or even a sultry looking little mushroom melt sandwich or something of the like in a savory galette form.

Sweetness Dry



Varietal: Portugieser, Scheurebe, Regent, Pinot Noir

Style: Red & White Blend

Region: Flonheim, Rheinhessen, Germany

Viticulture: Organic with Biodynamic principles

Winemaking: Stamped underfoot as whole bunches and macerated together for about a week, pressed and aged for a year in old oak barrels. The Pinot Noir grapes were macerated in whole bunches for a month. A day before bottling, all the barrels were tasted before blending.


Marto Wines, nestled in the quaint village of Flonheim in the Rheinhessen region of Germany, is proudly led by the young and passionate winemaker, Martin Wörner. Martin's love for winemaking is deeply rooted in his family heritage, traced back to his grape-growing grandfather. Determined to uphold the family legacy and redefine German natural wine, Martin studied oenology, worked with renowned winemakers, and eventually took over his family vineyards in 2014. Committed to organic farming principles and the enhancement of soil health, his vineyards are a fertile home to various grape varieties. His acclaimed wines are a testament to his unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and the magic of viticulture.

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