• Le Facteur Su'l Vélo AOC Vouvray 2020
  • Le Facteur Su'l Vélo AOC Vouvray 2020
  • Le Facteur Su'l Vélo AOC Vouvray 2020

Domaine du Facteur

Le Facteur Su'l Vélo AOC Vouvray 2020

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Of limestones and clay of geologic history, drinking from the ever-flowing river of this old land, kissed by the far-reaching zephyr of the Atlantic, borne from the old vines of generations past are the grapes of Le Facteur. Unmatched elements existing in the region of Vouvray have conspired to create this energetic white that feels like the radiant sun in the misty rain. 

Flowing out from the bottle is a pale gold juice. Its aromas are swirling with honey and floral notes that influence the sweetness of this rather dry wine. On the palate, freshness transforms into richness. Its beautiful body will give you notes of apple, pear, lemon, then fresh butter and hazelnut. The viscosity sticks to your tongue nicely. It then ends in a long saline finish.


Reminds us of: Apple, Pear, Lemon, Dried Apricot, Honey, Fresh Butter, Brioche

Quality Time: Serve lightly chilled. Anywhere, anytime with friends. Most lovely to pair with soft cheeses, white sauce, and light proteins. Wood-fired four-cheese pizza, Prawn thermidor, Lobster roll, and Rotisserie chicken.

Written by Malja Steffi Lee

Aromatic of White Stonefruits
Acidity Mouthwatering

Appellation: Vouvray

Varietal: 100% Chenin blanc

Style: Dry White

Region: Vouvray, Central Loire Valley, France

Viticulture: Organically Farmed, Clay-Limestone, 90+ year old vines

Winemaking: Handpicked, Indigenous yeasts.

After a university course in the field of wine and obtaining a bachelor’s degree in 2007, Fabien Brutout worked 2 years in apprenticeship at Sébastien Brunet in Vouvray. He then joined Mathieu Cosme at the end of 2008 and became a full-time commitment to the estate.

It was in 2013, following a discussion/tasting with Belgian friends, that the idea of creating a range of wines complementary to that produced by Mathieu came about. ‘Le Facteur’, or ‘The Postman’, was born out of French hospitality and humor. Fabien attributes this to the postman who, back in the day, delivered mail by bicycle, was often invited in for a glass of wine at each stop, and would get so drunk that the parcels never made it on time.

The practice of biodynamic cultivation carried on to their new venture. Vineyard production has been employing the natural technique of Dry Farming. This way, the grapes are harvested by hand, fermented with indigenous yeasts, then aged in old french barriques, and bottled only with the bare minimum amount of sulfur. The finished product is pure, unadulterated wine that is nostalgic of the old world and expressive of the Loire’s rich terroir.  

In Vouvray, a commune situated along the bank of the river Loire, Le Facteur manages 10 hectares of Chenin Blanc vineyards planted on clay and limestone at an altitude of 121 meters, some of which are 90 years old. On these lands are subsoils that have known the vine before the Phylloxera (see: Great French Blight). Matthieu tills the land with his horses, and Fabien has carte blanche in the winemaking. The living terroir of the Loire and the passion of the two partners for hands-off viticulture has resulted in Vin de copains, or “friendly wines” that are meant to be drunk one round after another, with great pleasure!

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