• Kindeli Invierno 2022
  • Kindeli Invierno 2022


Kindeli Invierno 2022

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Winter is coming! and I can't think of anything comforting and warming than a bottle of light red during this season in our humble, little home on the equator... Invierno is a field blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Riesling (meaning that in this vineyard, the "field" is planted with vines of different varieties. This style of growing grapes is quite rare and this practice does pose its own different set of difficulties but the winemakers that do this agree that this process creates more harmonious wines <3).

Elegant and light but complex this wine is blooming with florals and red fruit as well as a kind of musky umami on the nose, this wine is interesting enough to stand on its own but still easy to drink and dang enjoyable. On the palette there is leanness with a bit of spice and refreshing acidity that wraps itself up in a soft-tannin finish. The front label of the Kindeli line, is a thing of beauty in itself. Here we see an alluring anthropomorphic fox-lady, in the nude (except for a scarf and a cozy hat) clutching secateurs, poofy-tailed and looking thoughtfully at the us, the unassuming Fourth Wall. The wines that Alex Craighead and his partner Josefina make is very much alive, undergoing neither filtration nor fining; in other words this wine is quite naked. It is a beautiful experience in every sip like the way that a body of water never stays still or is never the same even when standing still. 

12.5% abv

Reminds us of: Cranberry, Cherry, Clove, Mushroom, Jasmine, Hibiscus

Quality Time: Serve lightly chilled. Share this with your favorite people in the world with a dish that has a little bit of everything in it like mushroom risotto topped with crunchy garlic, fried chicken skin and sharp cheese.



 Lean and Light

Cranberry Juice

Varietal: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Riesling

Style: Red (Blend with White Varietal/s)

Region: Nelson, New Zealand

Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic. Handpicked.

Winemaking: 100% Whole Bunch blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Riesling – aged in stainless.

Alex Craighead is the mastermind behind Kindeli and Don Wines, both of which are run together with his partner Josefina Venturino in the Upper Moutere of Nelson, New Zealand with soils composed completely of clay. 

Born in Australia, Alex started out pursuing his studies in accounting and after a wine tasting ended up studying viticulture in New Zealand followed by a journey of visiting and learning about different vineyards around the world. Alex Craighead also consults to Japanese wineries like Grape Republic. Organic grapes used in his wines are sourced from growers undergoing organic conversion which is very important for Alex. "Everyone should want to experiment with their technique, as much as possible," Alex explains. In the vineyard, there is an utmost care and importance to the health of the soil and the land in which the vines are grown. Cover crops, local trees, natural fertilizer and sheep that wander and forage the vines of any unwanted weeds are some of the things that maintain a balance and healthy ecosystem for biodiversity as well as also only choosing natural fermentation processes, no fining or filtration, the bottles are even corked by hand using Noma Corks (which are made from recycled sugarcane) ensuring an exacting process to produce pure and top quality wines that live and breathe in every tasting. 


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