• 2023 "Jaybird" Bianco Macerato
  • 2023 "Jaybird" Bianco Macerato

Delinquente Wine Co

2023 "Jaybird" Bianco Macerato

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True to Delinquente's ethos, Jaybird is an approachable and flavorful skin-contact white wine that both newbies and seasoned drinkers will love. Super interesting, delicious and mouthwatering, Jaybird reminds us of grapefruit, lemon, lychee and orange blossom balanced by a salty finish and a bit of tea-like tannins.

For this wine, Greg uses a blend of grape varietals- Chardonnay and a bit of Fiano that are separately pressed and fermented without grape skins. Vermentino, Malvasia and Arinto are also fermented separately but this time with skins up to 14 days until dry. All varietals see malolactic fermentation to add that creaminess and body before blending together. 

The result is a fruit forward, aromatic and refreshing wine that doesn't sacrifice interestingness and balance. A flavor explosion of fruity and floral notes! 11.5% abv

Reminds us of: Lemon, grapefruit, lychee, orange blossom

Quality Time: Super friendly skin contact wine that will go with most food. Serve the Jaybird during your next dinner catch-up with your friends or even bring this to the next Sunday lunch with your family!





Varietal: Chardonnay, Fiano, Vermentino, Malvasia, Arinto

Style: Skin-Contact White

Region: Riverland, South Australia

Viticulture: Organic and Biodynamic

Interventions: Hand picked, wild yeast, unfined and unfiltered, no addition except minimal SO2

Winemaking: Each varietal is fermented separately. Chardonnay and Fiano are pressed and fermented without skins. Vermentino, Malvasia and Arinto are fermented with skins up to 14 days until dry. Each varietal sees malolactic fermentation and settled out prior to blending and bottling. 

From Winemaker’s website:

Delinquente makes small batch, minimal intervention wines from Southern Italian grape varieties grown in the Riverland, South Australia.

Delinquente was born and raised in the Riverland, surrounded by vineyards and the mighty Murray River. This is Con-Greg’s attempt at making the best wine he can from the place he grew up. Organically grown, minimal intervention, honest, hand-made wines that not only are great fun to drink, but represent the sun, the red dirt and uniquely Australian terroir of the Riverland.

The Riverland can be very hot and very dry, particularly through the vines growing season. For that reason, Con-Greg chosen to work with Southern Italian grape varieties – varieties that are suited to the climate, need less water and are naturally drought resistant, are late ripening and retain natural acidity. In this way, Delinquente is more environmentally sustainable, and allow him to make wines with lower alcohol levels but heaps of freshness and flavour.

Delinquente is “delinquent” in Italian, which speaks to their desire to always buck the trend, break rules and do things our way. To that end, all of the incredible artwork for Delinquente, from the labels, to cartons, tees and even gifs, are created by his good friend Jason Koen, AKA “Ankles”. Delinquente is his passion project, evident in the intensity of his hand drawn labels which pop from across the room, and the deeply important and personal themes that they speak of.

Sometimes you’ve got to heed the call of the wild child within.

Sometimes you’ve got to go home with a bunch of grapes who’re ugly as sin.

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