Kris Abrigo Talks Shop

by Some Love Team

Kris Abrigo, is a prolific artist with his unabashed character and varicolored works. For a guy who makes vibrantly loud murals with its prism-like application to produce a multitude of colors and angles, it's kinda hard to know what rests in his mind seeing him as he goes about his day in his shared studio amassing loose materials and scrap wood, metal and plastic treasures to conjure up bizarre pieces that look like taffy sculptures. On other days, perhaps you'll find him fixing something up (as he is a fixer-upper of sorts) in the flower shop/café that he and his partner Soleil Igancio along with her family/team recently opened up in the sleepier side of Poblacion, Makati. 

It is there that we meet with him bearing manna. Marto Wines 2021 vintage of Manna, that is. Before opening the bottle, we immediately plant Kris on a chair against a backdrop of brick wall and bombard him with flash photography while simultaneously pouring wine into his glass and even hovering the bottle overhead like Damocles sword, looming an impending doom of accelerated intoxication. 

All's well that ends well! I digress, let's read what Kris has to say!

Some Love Team: Hi Kris! We’re fans of your work! From your murals, artworks, and design! Can you share with us here at least three tiny or big things we should know about you.


1. I’m a basic Sag that’s sad! 

2. I always almost cry while singing the national anthem because as a Sagboi, this country means a lot to me.

3. I just cut soda out of my diet two weeks ago so wish me luck!

Some Love Team: So, you wanted to be an architect? Tell us about that, how did it NOT happen and how does it shape the way you make your art now?

Kris: Probinsya kid that I am wanted to be one so I tried and passed the local university archi entrance exam. But I completed the simbang-gabi that year and made a wish to study in Manila and ended up taking Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines instead. Wish granted! thanks baby Jisas! 🙏

Still in love with elegant monumental structures and sweet, sweet living spaces so I decided to incorporate architectural forms and elements into my art but in a fun way, not a lot of math. My childhood self is smiling from above, I’m happy that he’s happy.

Some Love Team: What are your hobbies and other passions besides biking, designing and creating, and even a little bit of climbing?

Kris: One of biggest hobby is watching hobbyists online, that’s like 20% of my day.

I also collect collector friends who collect things that I wanted to collect, makes me happy and saves me money that way.

I love sports but sports don’t love me back, trying to run as much as I can now so I can utilize my newly developed little calf muscles—they’re cute. I do this as an escape from the proverbial artist block and to run away from my responsibilities for a bit, that sounds bad but it feels good. Try it!

Some Love Team: We’ve shared with you a bit about Marto and his wines. Do you think there are parallels in your work or yourself that’s similar to what he does with winemaking? :)

Kris: I believe that we live in parallel worlds and everything has natural similarities/connections occurring even on opposite sides of this globe. Our works are related based on the uncompromising finesse and the experienced-based technical know-how that is required to produce such sublime taste and enjoyable beauty which compliments each of our own culture and lifestyle. I’m serious.

Some Love Team: What are 3 words you would use to describe ‘Manna’. No wrong answers!

Kris: Spiritual, Gratitude and Inheritance (get it?)

Some Love Team: We’ve seen you work together with Soleil on Saglit by Flower Ranch, how has that been like working closely with her?

Kris: There is a balance of long lasting trust/comfort and conflict/compromise—that is the spice of our lives. Always finishing the work day with a sprinkle of some love <3

~'til next time!~